Pregnancy lotions and potions

Monday, June 25, 2012

These are some of my favorite tummy lotions or oils I have been loving. I know it's all genetic, but that doesn't keep me from lathering my belly up. I especially love the Josie Maran oil. I use in my hair as well as all over my body. It's pricey, but well worth it. What products do you mama's love???

17 weeks

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

17 weeks
(Sorry for all the moving boxes, we are packing machines! Oh and Roman just always has to get in the picture! haha)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 17 weeks

Total weight gain: 5 lbs. I thought I had gained so much more, but I guess not. My doctor said I need to gain 5 more by 20 weeks. I don't think I will have a problem with that.

Maternity clothes: maxi dresses all the time. They are sooooo comfy.

Gender: We actually found out on Monday what we are having and could not be more thrilled! The baby is very healthy and doing great. I can't say yet because we are revealing it at our gender reveal party the 30th.

Movement: maybe a little, but I can't be for certain.

Sleep: sleep has been okay, my leg keeps hurting each night since I have to sleep on my side.

Cravings: watermelon

Symptoms: I'm feeling good, although I have been having a little bit of sickness in the morning. No throwing up, just feeling a little nauseous.

Highlight of the week: Finding out the gender and seeing our sweet peanut on a sonogram again. It had been way to long. This time they recorded it for us on a DVD. We can't wait to meet you peanut! You are so loved already!

a little late...16 weeks

16 weeks

this picture is really dark...sorry about that

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 16 weeks

Total weight gain: ? I'm going to the doctor next week, so we shall see.

Maternity clothes:lots of dresses.

Gender: Boy

Movement: come on baby...kick!

Sleep: sleeping good, I have started to put a pillow between my legs which helps.

Cravings: Orange juice and that's about it. I still haven't hit that point where I am hungry all the time.

Highlight of the week: We are officially moving back to Kansas City! We couldn't be more thrilled! Can't wait to have this baby near all of our family. We will miss Dallas, but there is nothing like home sweet home.

Seaside, Fl Recap

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

 On Memorial weekend some of my friends and family went to Seaside, Fl (my favorite little beach town). My mom has a place there and so we thought what a better time to go then Memorial weekend. We had so much fun going to the beach, eating out, and just laughing all the time. It was a much needed trip for the soul if you know what I mean and also it was my first time to the beach pregnant. 
The group on our last night

my beautiful sissy-in-laws with the bump

15 Weeks

Monday, June 11, 2012

15 Weeks

(This is when my mom wouldn't stop taking pictures and I was saying stop, hahah she was taking her job a little too serious!)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 15 weeks

Total weight gain: 6 lbs This might not be accurate, because I am weighing myself on my scale and I'm sure the doctor's office's are different.

Maternity clothes: I am wearing normal clothes, but I do have my new belly band on in this picture. That's why my tank top looks a little bunchy. I love it and it really helps with my pants. I did buy some maternity leggings which are so comfy!

Gender: Sill thinking BOY! My hubby has thought boy all along! I even had my first dream about baby and it was that he was a boy! We find out in one week!  I can hardly contain my excitement!

Movement: none (I acutually did think I felt something, but I can't be for sure!)

Sleep: Sleep has been meh! I hate sleeping on my side.

Cravings: extra dark chocolate gelato, my new obsession.

Highlight of the week: I have been back home in K.C. the past 10 days with family. I had so much fun and my family spoiled me so much! I love them. I also have some exciting news to share in addition to the gender news. I will be back with that soon!

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