19 weeks

Monday, July 9, 2012

19 weeks

I know I completely skipped 18 weeks update....we have been stupid busy! We packed up our whole entire lives in Dallas and stored them in 2 pods and then we drove 8 hours to Kansas City to stay with my husbands parents until we find a house. So during that week we have been searching non stop for a house and tonight was the night we made a offer...let's just hope everything works out and they accept. I also went to my 19 week appointment here in K.C. with my new obgyn which I love! We got to see our little nugget and it was a great feeling. I won't be able to post any pictures due our living situations, but I will update once we move.

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 19 weeks

Total weight gain: 11.5 lbs! I am so proud of myself, hahah. My doctor said I needed to gain a total of 10 pounds by 20 weeks and I did it! Yay me!

Maternity clothes: still maxi dresses and maternity shirts from the gap.

Gender: GIRL!!!!!

Movement: yes! Only when I really concentrate on it.

Sleep: okay

Cravings: milk and fruit

Symptoms: I feel great!

Highlight of the week: Being back in Kansas City and feeling movements of our little girl! She is already spoiled rotten by her grandparents, I can't even imagine when she arrives!

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