Thursday, October 4, 2012

I have been crazy busy these past few days I feel like my to do list before baby gets here is never ending.

I haven't got around to posting my 31 week weekly update and probably won't. We have just been going going non-stop and by the time I stop I realize I'm already on to a another week, which is great , because I can not wait until little girl gets here!

I am trying to figure out what all I need to finish getting before she gets here, so if anyone has suggestions of must haves to have ready please let me know. One of my friends said I need to have a changing station ready in my room, since she will be sleeping in there for the first couple of weeks.

Also, she is coming around winter time so I am trying to figure out what last minute clothes I need to have for her. I know she will be wearing a lot of onsies, but I want to make sure she is warm enough.

How cute are these for November/December

In other house news, we had someone build us this pottery barn system in our laundry room. Ours looks exactly like this, but my hubby has to paint it this weekend. I will post a pic when he's done.

We didn't add the drawers, we left them open. I also need to find cushions for the bench and some bulliten boards to hang on the side. Maybe I will just make some. 

Well that's it for a random post for Thursday. Have a great day!


  1. Those tights are so cute!! I love when my niece wears stuff like that.

  2. those booties are too cute and love the pottery barn system! I want a little mud room so badly! :)

  3. Love the built in! I just bought that striped kimono from Gap for Sophia, it is to die for! You look great! Xo


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