Furniture Re-do-First DIY Kind of

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I say the first DIY, because I actually did not do any of it. My momma and momma-in-law (whom are the two most fabulous ladies I ever did meet) painted my dining room buffet. It all started with a paint class. They took a class on this new paint that just came out called chalk paint. It's not what you are thinking of where you can write on it with chalk. It's paint that does not need a primer and also you do not have to strip the piece of furniture before you paint it. It comes in these amazing colors and you can do numerous finishes on it. So back to my piece of furniture. I have this amazing buffet I love, but it was painted in the 90s and it just was way to out dated in my house. That's when these 2 fab ladies stepped in and got to work! Here are the pics below. I still need hardware for the top drawers, but I'm holding out on finding the perfect handles!

The Before

First Coat

The paint they used

The bottom knobs before

My mother-in-law used this stuff to make them a grey color. The piece is a worldly grey and white.

The piece after without knobs and glass on top

She also used silver paint on the hinges to show off the grey white paint.

I think they did an amazing job! Thanks ladies for helping a pregnant woman out! I couldn't be any happier with the result!

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