A Tough Job

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This past weekend has been my toughest in parenthood yet. We experienced our baby's first fever and I of course  called the doctor and they told us to take her to the children's hospital. Did I mention we had to go there instead of our actual peds. office, because outside it was beginning to snow crazy amounts. So we get to the hospital and they took her temperature again and sure enough it was 102. So they had to run all these tests to make sure it wasn't bacterial. I guess when babies are this young they can't take any chances. Thank goodness it ended up just being a viral cold, but after 2 days in the hospital I felt like a emotional mess. It was something that I don't ever want to experience again but I know that kids get sick. I never knew how hard it was to watch your child be sick and not be able to do anything about it. You feel helpless as a parent and want to go trough each sniffle and ache instead of them.  I'm so happy her fever is down and that she's feeling worlds of better. She's my little peanut and I love her so much. Scarlett lets not get sick for a long time again. OK great!

Easter baskets and such...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Easter has been one holiday that I have been so excited to celebrate with Scarlett this year. Even though she will be too itty bitty for Easter egg hunts and candy, I am happy to spend such a special day together. Going to church and a big brunch with family. Although she won't be participating in the Easter festivities this year, doesn't mean she won't be receiving a Easter bucket full of clothes and toys and wearing her Easter best!

I ordered this adorable Easter bucket from Etsy Two sisters Designs. This bucket will be perfect for Easter egg hunts for years to come. My mom got her a more traditional Easter basket from Pottery Barn, so I thought I would do something fun and practical.

Here are some things that I have been collecting for her basket. Hat and swimsuit from gap.

I'm still on the hunt for a Easter dress. Here's some that I'm considering.

Friday Randoms

Friday, February 15, 2013

I love not having anything planned for the weekend. I think we are going to do some lounging and house stuff. We still need to hang Scarlett's curtains in her room and some pictures. We love procrastinating!

I can't wait to spend all weekend with these two! They are the best!

Made these from my new favorite blog Delighted Momma and these:

 Also, I had to add these pics of my silly dogs. My hubby made a fire the other night and our dog Roman couldn't get close enough. We also went on a walk when it was nice out last week and Louie loved his new way to walk! 

What's been going on...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lately my days have been busy taking car of my love bug which involves lots of time at home. We moved into our house in September and have been slowly doing updates and getting new home stuff. Next we are redoing our master bathroom. I am so excited! Our house here has more space then our one in Dallas so it needed to be filled with some more furniture. We recently purchased a few items from Pottery Barn. I love that place! Fun fact: The first free standing Pottery Barn is here in Kansas City. We got this mirror and console table below. I really Love the mirror!

Now back to playing all day! Also it was my Birthday yesterday and my cousin made the yummiest prettiest birthday cake! If you are in the K.C. area looking for yummy cake creations contact me. Her business is Sweet Crayvings.

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