Friday and Baby Food

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Friday lovies! We have a busy one ahead of us with a graduation, grandma's garage sale, family dinner night, and more! I know it seems that all my posts are about babies and baby stuff, but honestly that's been consuming my life currently and I am perfectly okay with that. I thought I would share my adventures in baby food making. For one of my showers someone got me a Beaba, which is what I have been using to make Baby S food. It's super easy! Follow these steps if you have one of these magic machines.

Sweet potatoes

1. Skin sweet potatoes

2. Chop up in to small pieces

3. put your water in the side of the machine  and then drop sweet potato pieces into basket.

4. Turn on steam and wait for the light to go off.

5. Once light has shut off dump basket into the part with the blade and then blend until desired consistency.

6. See easy peasy!

I put mine in these freezable beaba containers. I like them a lot, because they are easy to pop out once you are ready to give them to baby. They also store one serving each, but I assume you can just freeze the food in ice trays too! How do you all make baby food or do you buy the ones at the store?

By the way I am loving the beautiful mess app! So fun! Can't wait to use it in some upcoming posts!

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