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Friday, June 28, 2013

1. First off, I am so disappointed in the Recaro convertible car seat and it will be going back immediately. I was browsing the healthycar.org to see how some of Scarlett's toys ranked in terms of toxic levels and the Recaro car seat was listed as one of the most toxic car seats! What the F Recaro! So, I of course spent an insane amount of time online trying to find the least toxic car seat (I mean I don't want my child sitting in something that is filled with lead and all kinds of nasty chemicals). I found that the Orbit G2 Convertible car seat was probably the safest bet, but also the most expensive. So, I am still searching to find the safest and least toxic car seat. Do any of you mommas have any good recommendations?? Also, have you checked your car seat on healthycar.org. Just type your make and model in the search bar and see what it comes out to.

2. I was a total slacker yesterday and skipped Tried and True Thursday. I will be back with that series next Thursday.

Miss Scarlett has the best cry face ever!

I had so much fun making a gender reveal cake! It was filled with blue! ;)

5. I just ordered a set of these for baby girl.

Here's to the most random post! Happy weekend!


  1. New follower!!

    I love the gender reveal cake!!! We find out in 2 weeks what we are having so I can't wait!!

  2. Found you on Five on Friday and wanted to say hello! I'm having a little boy in October and will be checking that website before we buy the carseat this month. Thanks for the info!

    New follower on bloglovin!


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