6 Month Must Haves

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So when I compiled this little list I had a lot to put on it, but I wanted to list the things I use every single day and the things that have made my life as mom a little bit easier.

Honest Diapers: You have heard me rave about this company, so no need on a explanation here.

Fisher Price Step and Play Piano: Recommended by The Honeybee Blog. Scarlett loves this thing! There is so much for her to do and since she is a music girl she especially likes how every time she steps it plays music.

Sophie the Giraffe: I never believed all the hype about this product until Scarlett proved everyone's point. This is the number 1 toy that I have to have with me at all times.

Bumbo: She is not quite ready for her high chair yet, so we use this everyday to feed her food.

Mam Pacifiers: Scarlett hated EVERY single pacifier except this one. She is such a pacifier girl. I swear we leave about 5 of these in her crib at night, just in case she drops one out of her crib, which happens every night.

Beaba: I have talked about this too. I use this all the time to make her food. When we do travel or are on the go I will buy Plum Organics to carry with me. P.S. They are having a Spring Closeout Sale.


  1. I NEVER believed the Sophie hype either!! My little one wouldn't touch it until he hit 5-6 months, and now we don't go anywhere without it either!! He is OBSESSED. Guess everyone knew what they were talking about!


  2. Hi I am a new follower. Found your blog via the 5 on Friday linkup. We have tried the mam pacifiers with our newborn. He sucks them a little while but ends up spitting them out. Uggh he hates paci's right now. Hoping that this will change soon. Right now, he will suck on the soothie pacifier's a bit.

    Feel free to follow my blog www.happyapplegoodness.blogspot.com


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