Shopping at Whole Foods without Breaking the Bank!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A lot of people would say it is impossible to eat organic and still be frugal, but I am here to tell you that's so not the case. Let's be honest I am a stay at home mom now and lost my income where it allowed us not to look at our grocery bill and just put whatever we wanted into our cart. Now that we have to be more careful when it comes to loading up our cart with healthy grocery staples I thought I would share how we get around it and still buy organic.

I do most of my grocery shopping at Whole Foods and sometimes at Trader Joes (The only thing I don't like about TJ is their meat/fish selection)

Here are my tips and example of a regular weekly visit at Whole Foods

1. First off I do not go to the grocery store with a list, because I plan my dinners when I get there. See tip #5.

2. We buy fish every week. Stick to either Salmon or Tilapia, because they tend to be cheapest. When buying meats at Whole Foods, look for sales. I always by what's on sale and either freeze it for future dinners or add that to my dinner menu.

3. Stay on the perimeter of the store, meaning once you start going down all those ailes and buying stuff like chips, soups, etc. that's when your bill starts adding up.

4. Buy only Veggies and fruits that are on sale and build your meals around that. Which leads me to #5.

5. When it comes to your dinner planning and your trying to save money and be healthy. Do not pick recipes that have a ton of ingredients in them. For example, we usually do fish, veggie that was on sale, and some lentils,cous cous or just a salad. Cheapo! Each meal during the week usually costs no more then $10 a day.

6. Set a budget. We like to spend no more then $100 on groceries each week and that includes food for lunches and dinners during the week. We usually don't eat out at all! Maybe once a week if that.

7. Lastly, pretty much everyone knows this one DO NOT go to the grocery store HUNGRY!

*If I'm running out of something like butter or olive oil, I of course get those things, but since I don't get those things every week I didn't include those on the sample grocery list.

  • Organic veggies (I always buy spinach,kale,& avocados whether they are on sale or not)
  • Organic fruit (I always buy bananas and whatever fruits and veggies I am using to make for Scarlett's food that week)
  • One type of fish
  • 4 types of meat
  • coconut milk and creamer
  • Greek yogurt
  • lentils
  • nut mix (for snacks)
  • Near East Cous Cous
  • Lara Bars (I usually only buy these at Target, because I think they are cheapest there and these are also for snacks)
  • canned white chicken for quick cheap lunches
  • Organic Chicken broth to boil the lentils in or use it for other stuff too
  • Organic oatmeal for Scarlett and us
  • lunch meat and cheese from Whole Foods for Wes's lunches
  • La croix
  • eggs

Well there you have it! This is what a weekly run to the grocery store looks like for us. I do like to get a lot of my organic stuff at TJ's since it's so much cheaper, but like I said above I just don't like their meat and fish selection. Yes, it's so annoying that I have to go to 2 grocery stores sometimes. I don't always do that, like this week I just went to Whole foods. I know there are probably better ways to save  when it comes to staying healthy and eating Organic, but this is what I have found that works best for our family. How do you save money when it comes to grocery shopping.

P.S. I promise to post all about my herb garden soon. It has basil, cilantro, fennel, brussel sprouts, banana peppers and more in it, so I get a lot of my stuff from there too!

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  1. How do you make your Brussels sprouts?


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