Tried and True Thursday

Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's no secret to anyone that knows me that I try and live an organic lifestyle as much as possible. I am not perfect, so yes I use disposable diapers and wear clothing that is NOT made out of hemp, but I try to free our lives of chemicals when I can. So, I thought I would share every Thursday what I have found that works for our family from skincare, baby items, and household tricks.

 First up, my favorite all purpose cleaner.

 Mix 8oz Ms. Meyers all purpose (my favorite) or vinegar with water in a 24 oz spray bottle.

This stuff works for everything! I clean my windows, bathrooms, counter tops, even my hardwood floors with it. Recently, I got coffee all over my white cabinets in my kitchen and I sprayed a little of this on it and it cleaned it right up! Ms. Meyers is a great brand. I do use the vinegar sometimes if I am out of Ms. Meyers. If you do decide to mix vinegar instead, make sure you add a couple drops of essential oil to your mixture so your spray smells nice. Happy cleaning!

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