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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I have a major sweet tooth! If you would ask my husband he would say that was a huge understatement. I kid you not when I was pregnant with Scarlett I had something sweet (cookie, brownies, name it) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And yes I gained way to much weight, but I was sooo one of those people that was like hey I'm pregnant I can eat whatever I want. With the next baby I plan to be a bit more healthy...hopefully, but when cravings call you have to answer to them! Duh! That leads me to my latest and greatest discovery. Goodbody Baked goods! Holy moly these things are sooooo goood! I was at the grocery store picking up my typical Hail Merry indulgences when I spotted these things. With only a few ingredients and that include almond and coconut flours and no gluten, dairy, or grains! Yippee! I thought for sure when I got home they would be icky and I would have gotten the stink eye from my husband that I bought these. I was so pleasantly surprised, not only were they better then a cookie they satisfied my sweet tooth with just one piece. Please try these if you are suffering from the same sweet tooth disease I am. Your taste buds will surely thank you!

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