Christmas Re-cap

Monday, December 30, 2013

Did December seem like it flew by or what?! We had a great Christmas, but I have to say it went by way to fast, but then again it always does. We spent Christmas Eve starting and making new traditions this year. We decided that every year we will have a go to dinner we make as a family (this year it was just Wes and me for obvious reasons), but hopefully as the years go by our kids will help us make it. I love the idea of coming together to make something and then sitting down as a family enjoying it. I think it's great time when you can sit down and really celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. After we  prepped our dinner we attended our Church's candle light service we went to a white elephant and then back home to put Scarlett down and to start working on cinnamon rolls. I have been dying to make Pioneer Woman's famous rolls for the longest time now, so I thought Christmas Eve was a better night then any and that way we could take to all of our family the next day. I asked (begged) my husband to help me and we got to work. They turned out just as good as everyone raves. Here are some pics of our Holiday. All iPhone was really bad about using my camera this year.


  1. hey love your blog but your anniversary ticker if off its smack dab in the middle of your post so I can't read very much. :(

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I'll take care of it! Happy new year!


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