Weekend Fun

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello again-Unfortunately my lens on my camera broke AGAIN! It is with canon right now getting fixed so therefore you understand the lack of pictures and posts. We had a great weekend though and spent every minute soaking up all the goodness it had to offer! We grabbed breakfast both Saturday and Sunday at two favorite places and then on Sunday we headed to the Zoo. Scarlett loved seeing all of the animals, I would have to say the penguins were her favorite. She laughed and laughed when they waddled around.

I hope you all had a nice weekend too! And thank you to all of you that still read this little blog. Much appreciated.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Loving this office space...We actually have a little bit bigger version of that tulip table in our kitchen and we have that shelf in our garage. I love the combination of putting them together in a office. I might have to do this one day.

My mom got me this facial scrub a couple of years ago and I always go back to it. It's a great all around scrub. Don't let the color scare you away.

I made the switch to mostly all Jane Iredale make-up products a while back. I even gave up my beloved Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. But I think this is even better. Better ingredients and not as sparkly. This line is awesome if you are looking for an alternative to all those questionable ingredients in your make up. Personally it kind of grosses me out, especially since I'm constantly kissing and snuggling my little. Sorry for getting on my soap box again.

Have a lovely Tuesday, we have a play date with some saving grace girlie's (we've been held up at home for far to long).

Chilly Weekend

Monday, January 6, 2014

We have been stuck indoors almost all weekend, other then one grocery run. It is so cold out that the news people said if you are outside and have exposed skin for more then 20 minutes you will get frost bite! What the?!!! This is crazy! Bring back some warm weather fast, because us girls are getting sick of being stuck inside.

Being stuck inside hasn't kept us from not finding things to do. We have cleaned out the whole entire refrigerator, emptied out our junk drawer, finished and ordered our family yearbook, and more. We also baked and cooked a ton. Make these ASAP,  your tummy will thank you. I substituted wholewheat flour and I didn't have strawberries, so I doubled up on raspberries and blueberries. I'm the first one to omit the sugar, but in this case not with this recipe. I swear everything I make from this woman is amazing! Oh, and on top of being stuck in doors I officially broke our oven. We are talking glass shattered all over the floor broken. Let's just say I was trying to clean in between the glass. The things staying indoors will do to you (let's just blame it on that). On the plus side our oven was already somewhat broken not heating properly and what not, so, I take this as a sign or atleast I'm telling my husband that. Stay warm friends.

Getting your body back after pregnancy

Friday, January 3, 2014

I have contemplated writing this post so many times...but I ultimately thought I would share my experience with losing weight after pregnancy to maybe help some of you new moms out there.

I have always been naturally thin, could eat anything I wanted to type of person...ya, I know so not fair. Well I totally assumed when I became pregnant that I would be the same way in the means of not gaining a ton of pregnancy weight and then losing it right aways after I delivered. I was soooo wrong. I gained around 55-60lbs! I ate pretty healthy through my pregnancy, but I indulged way to much on sweets...people we are talking sweets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! My doctor even told me to stop eating sweets, before I came in for my appointments, because my urine tests resulted in to much sugar! Ugh...I unfortunately didn't crave the healthy stuff during my pregnancy, I craved the yummy chocolate stuffed croissants! So, after I had Scarlett I expected to lose a ton of weight, but I didn't. I mean I lost some, but nothing dramatic. I took it easy those first few months, just eating healthy and enjoying my baby girl (I am so happy, I didn't focus on the weight during that time) But after 3 months I decided to find some type of fitness class. I chose Fusion which is here in Kansas. It is freaking HARD! I still credit losing most of my weight to taking those classes for 2-3months straight. But after that 2-3 months my package ran out, so I stopped going. I still had weight to lose and toning to do! I was 6 months out and still had about 10lbs left to lose. Now, it's been 1 year since I was pregnant and I'm pretty close to where I was before I had Scarlett and I'm happy with that. I did nothing crazy to lose the weight other then Fusion, which actually felt so good to do and I hope I can get back into it soon, I just ate healthy and worked out when I found the time. My body is no where near what it looked like before I had a baby and I don't think I want it too. I love knowing that my body carried my beautiful little girl, it's a truly such a miracle as corny as that sounds. With that being said I do have some tips to share about losing baby weight.

1. Find a time to work out that works for you. When I tried figuring this out I just assumed that I had to workout in the morning, because isn't that what everyone else did? Wrong! My best time to work out is right when I put Scarlett down(6 PM) and right before I make dinner. We eat late and Scarlett goes down pretty early as of now, so this has been the best time for me to workout.

2. Buy cute workout clothes. Seriously people it works! Does wearing your old college t-shirt and some baggy shorts make you want to work out? no! These are my favorite pants and shirts. Pricey but worth it.

3. Eat healthy, but indulge. We eat healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but we also have sweets occasionally. I love eating and I love being healthy, but being healthy doesn't mean giving up everything. That's ridiculous!

4. Listen to music. I absolutely cannot workout without music. I put my headphones on turn on the Lana Del Rey Pandora Station and I'm ready.

5. Lastly, if all else fails and you still have zero motivation turn on your previously recorded Victoria Secret Fashion Show and you will soon be motivated to get your work out on!

Our 2013

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 has been nothing short of amazing. I felt like this was just the start of many great years ahead of us. Scarlett has truly changed our lives for the better. I wanted to take a look back on all the memories we made over the year.

got to stare at this sweet face everyday.

lot's of hanging out with the dogs.

Lot's of lunch dates with these two.

had a wonderful valentines day with my second love.

not a memory I like, but something I do remember. Scarlett girl had 104 temp and it was a blizzard out so we had to take her to the children's hosiptal. All turned out okay.

lots of naps and relaxing in the sun.

Lots of play dates with these fabulous mommas! Don't know what I would do without them.

first vacation to Arizona and first plane ride

first trip to the aquairium

Celebrated the fourth of July in Florida.

picnics at the park

more walks outside.

mother's day in bed.

walks on the beach.

trips to the zoo.

play date at Deanna rose.

making baby food for the first time.

watching me get a pedicure.

Finishing her room.

shopping at farmers market.

playing at our favorite children's book store.

meeting the horses at my dad's house.
Celebrating Easter.

park playing.

lounging at the pool all summer.

gymboree fun!

eating and teething.

6 month pictures

lot's of library playing.

Plaza Art Fair.

shopping with my best friend.

Fall fun at the pumpkin patch.

Deanna Rose during the fall.

fall walks.

Dressing up as a little bunny for her first Halloween.


Throwing her 1st birthday party!

Visiting the trains.
Meeting Santa.

Christmas 2013

Thanks for reading this little blog! I can't wait to see what 2014 brings and I hope you follow along!

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