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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 has been nothing short of amazing. I felt like this was just the start of many great years ahead of us. Scarlett has truly changed our lives for the better. I wanted to take a look back on all the memories we made over the year.

got to stare at this sweet face everyday.

lot's of hanging out with the dogs.

Lot's of lunch dates with these two.

had a wonderful valentines day with my second love.

not a memory I like, but something I do remember. Scarlett girl had 104 temp and it was a blizzard out so we had to take her to the children's hosiptal. All turned out okay.

lots of naps and relaxing in the sun.

Lots of play dates with these fabulous mommas! Don't know what I would do without them.

first vacation to Arizona and first plane ride

first trip to the aquairium

Celebrated the fourth of July in Florida.

picnics at the park

more walks outside.

mother's day in bed.

walks on the beach.

trips to the zoo.

play date at Deanna rose.

making baby food for the first time.

watching me get a pedicure.

Finishing her room.

shopping at farmers market.

playing at our favorite children's book store.

meeting the horses at my dad's house.
Celebrating Easter.

park playing.

lounging at the pool all summer.

gymboree fun!

eating and teething.

6 month pictures

lot's of library playing.

Plaza Art Fair.

shopping with my best friend.

Fall fun at the pumpkin patch.

Deanna Rose during the fall.

fall walks.

Dressing up as a little bunny for her first Halloween.


Throwing her 1st birthday party!

Visiting the trains.
Meeting Santa.

Christmas 2013

Thanks for reading this little blog! I can't wait to see what 2014 brings and I hope you follow along!


  1. love love love all of these pictures. happy new year to your sweet family!


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