Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January will defiantly be going down in the books for my least favorite month. On top of crazy snow and cold temperatures we had two really scary things happen! First Scarlett had her first and hopefully last choking incident. She was walking around snacking and choked on a small piece of food. It was really bad for those first few seconds, but thankfully we had just taken a CPR class and knew exactly what to do to get it out. She ended up being fine, but me on the other hand...I swear I sprouted 7 grey hairs in that instant. Then to top it off, this happened yesterday (which was the month February) we got rear ended. It wasn't bad at all, but we had miss Scarlett in the car and any type of accident in my opinion with your child is a scary situation. Sooo, I just know the rest of February is going to be great! We did have some fun in the snow for all about 5 minutes. Here are some pictures from our crazy snow storm in Kansas.

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