Five on Friday

Friday, May 16, 2014

1. Baby girl has been sick this week so we have been doing a lot of snuggling, hoping she perks up for the weekend.

2. Swim classes! I just signed us up for swim lessons this summer. I am so excited, especially because we had a brand to facility open up in our town just for littles.

3. Rosemary Beach-We are traveling here just the three of us very soon! Can't wait for another vacation to our favorite place!


4. Radio Red Flyer Glide on-scooter-Scarlett loves this thing! Right now she's using it to scoot around, but as she gets older it turns into an actual 
scooter. We got ours from Target.

5. Barefoot Contessa- She's always been my go-to, but lately I have been making so much from her cookbooks and nothing ever disappoints. This is my favorite dish this week.


  1. Oh my goodness I am pinning that recipe right now for future reference! Hope she starts to feel better and I hope ya'll have a great weekend! xoxo

    1. You won't be disappointed, plus it's the easiest dinner ever! Happy weekend!

  2. That scooter is so neat! My mom and I just found one at a garage sale this morning for $2--but it doesn't turn into a little buggy or anything cool like that! And we're looking into Rosemary Beach for our big family vacay next year...can't wait to hear about your trip!

    1. Lucky! I'm always looking for those at garage sales! You will love Rosemary! Best place ever for kids! My mom has a place there, so if you ever need a list of must dos while you are there let me know!


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