My favorite morning shake

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Every morning I have the exact same breakfast, I have yet to veer away from it this whole entire pregnancy. Actually, I think I did and I regretted it an a few minutes later. I love this shake, because a. it taste good b. it's good for you c. its super easy to make. So here it is.

Here's what you need:

*2 bananas
*raw cacao powder
*some type of protein powder (We love everything standard process in our house)
*Peanut butter or Almond butter
*Almond milk


  1. Yum! This is similar to what I make. I freeze our bananas and then don't use ice.

  2. oh yum!!! this looks like such a perfect morning shake!! i am starting to love a little shake in the morning, but i am so lazy about it ;)


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