Packing my bag...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Believe it or not I have already started packing my bag for the Hospital. Here are three things that are for sure going into my bag this time around.

These new balances have my name all over them. Super comfy and look a little better then just plain running shoes. I actually bringing some flip flops as well just in case I'm swollen.

This bag is on the pricey side, but it includes all the essentials you need for those coming weeks ahead. I just got mine in the mail and I can say every piece is amazing. I especially like the nursing tank!

I bought this in the circus print with a matching hat for his coming home outfit. Last time I took Scarlett home in a kissy kissy outfit, but I wanted something different this time. I also thought it was pretty neat that all the snaps were magnetic so no buttoning each one individually.

I also have my diaper bag packed and if any of you are interested in seeing that, let me know!

Weekend wrap up

Monday, September 29, 2014

With my due date quickly approaching, I decided to get started on our Fall to-do list. First up making sugar cookies. I defiantly should have looked around for a no fail recipe, but decided to take the easy way out and just purchase a kit from William Sanoma. They were super fun to make and Scarlett loved punching out the Halloween shapes.

We haven't gone to the Pumpkin Patch yet, but I wanted Scarlett to practice decorating pumpkins so I picked one up from Traders and let her paint it. She did so well with it and was the cleanest 1 1/2 year old painter I have ever seen.

Lastly, on Saturday we went to our Local Fall Festival. Scarlett was in awe of the parade. We ate lunch and then danced to music until nap time. I would say this was one good weekend!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

As I try to write out my list of everything I want to get done before baby #2 gets here, I have been enjoying the time with my family. We've been busy doing lots of fun things and here's a little look.

taking a snack break outside Pottery Barn.

lots of wagon rides.

We installed a new bathroom vanity at our house.

played with her two favorite friends.

she loves climbing around the car when it's off of course!

planting fall flowers.

checking out our new Ikea!

working on little brothers room. These are the knobs we put on his dresser.

Love this guy my mom surprised us with.

tried out new eating containers for my picky eater.

We found a new open play that we love!

checking out all the deals at our favorite grocery store.

watching Daniel the Tiger before bed.

practicing for baby.

Girl loves her animals!

This weekend we are going to a Fall Festival and trying to check off some other things on our to do list. I hope to have a post of some fun fall things we have been doing soon! Have a good week.

2nd Pregnacy Must Haves

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Prenatal DHA: Took these first pregnancy and now this pregnancy. I defiantly recommend taking some type of DHA during pregnancy.

Liz Lange Maternity Tanks: I think everyone loves these. They are perfect during pregnancy and after pregnancy. I can never buy enough.

One Love Organics Easy Does It: Love Love this cleanser. I finally found my holy grail of cleansers! I have tried so many and use to be an only cetephil girl. This cleanser takes off my makeup, but also keeps my skin clear. HIGHLY recommend and this is coming from a girl who has tried everything!

Standard Process Protein Powder: I also recommend some type of protein powder, because you never know when there is going to be those days where you don't feel like anything, so at least you know you are getting some protein in. This has saved my butt so many times, especially in the first trimester. I love this one because there is no taste to it.

Hue Leggings: I love these. They aren't maternity, but they have the best coverage and come in a few colors. I pretty much live in leggings at the end of my pregnancies.

New Chapter Perfect Prenatal:  Again you must be taking a Prenatal. This one in my opinion is the purest and best on the market right now. It's pricey, but for sure worth it.

Josie Maran Argan Oil: I use this for my stretch marks and my face at night. 

Lastly, I suggest getting one nice dress to have. I know it might not be fun to think about spending money on a dress you may only wear once or twice during your pregnancy, but if you have some type of function to go to you will be so happy you bought a nice dress. I have worn this one for both pregnancies and am always happy I had something nice to feel good in. 

This one is by Isabella Oliver, who makes some of the nicest and most comfortable maternity wear. I am 32 weeks pregnant here.

Those are pretty much my must must haves, I do swear by some other stuff and if you are interested just let me know. What all do you guys swear by when you are pregnant?

32 1/2 weeks

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Time is flying with this pregnancy and all I can think about is my sweet family. This is such a special time in our lives and I am trying my hardest to remember each moment and savor them. The saying "the  days are long and the years are short" couldn't be more true. I can't believe how fast Scarlett is growing up. She is such a outgoing talkative little girl. She will be the best big sister to her little brother. Here are some pictures that we recently had taken.

When I'm craving something sweet

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Or alternate title: When I want cake I eat this!

I have to have something sweet almost every single day. Sweets are my weakness, they were when I was pregnant with Scarlett and they still are with this pregnancy. Heck they are even when I'm not pregnant. So, I'm sure this is nothing new in the recipe department. Actually, I think there are many versions of making this, but this is my favorite and my little way of tricking myself into thinking I'm eating some fancy desert.

Vanilla Chia Seed pudding

1/4 cup chia seeds
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup almond milk or vanilla almond milk
honey to taste
a good helping of shredded coconut ( I just guess)

Mix all of the above together and refrigerate for at least 45 minutes. Enjoy. At this point I add a little more honey if it's not sweet enough.

Some people don't like the jelly consistency of chia seeds, but we all love them in my house so this has been a great little alternative for when you want cake! We still eat cake, we just take a break sometimes;)
This is the before picture of putting the pudding in the refrigerator. It thickens a lot once it's ready.

Life via camera roll

Monday, September 1, 2014

We have had a busy month of August and it's making this pregnancy fly by even faster.

We visited my Dad at his house. So much to do and see. She's already wanting to drive!

Had early mornings snuggling and playing outside before the heat!

Had our first over night without are little one. 

This one started mother's day out. She's only going a half day so it's not horribly hard on me, tear...

Got the much anticipated fall magazine. Yum!

Cooked with Mema. We made veggie chips

And woke up yesterday super early to make these! So delicious!

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