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Friday, October 17, 2014

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1. If you live near a Whole Foods get this bag of white chocolate chips and then follow the recipe on the back! Best cookies ever! I wish I still had it, but I threw out the bag.

2. We went to another Pumpkin Patch! They had all kinds of animals and Scarlett just loved it.
3. Fall weather is in full swing in Kansas and we are loving it! Now, I'm just wondering what we are going to do once the temps drop too low for us to play outside!

4. This pillow from Tiny Prints is even better in person. I'm obsessed and can't wait to use it at Scarlett's second birthday! It's a lot bigger then it looked online and the quality is just as nice as her other pillows! Very impressed Tiny Prints!

5. Honest Diapers! We are still working on potty training over here, but I know if I just committed Scarlett would be potty trained in no time! She loves sitting on her potty and using it before the bath, I just need to be more diligent about it. Anyway, she's still using honest diapers and I just got baby boys bundle in! He is officially stocked on diapers and wipes when he gets home from the hospital. It's so fun to have the cute girl prints and now the boy prints as well!

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  1. Popping over from the link up :) I definitely need to get those white chocolate chips stat! Your little girl is so so cute and I'm also in the process of wanting to start potty training but can't seem to really commit to it!



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