Planning a 2nd Birthday

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Scarlett's 2nd birthday is fast approaching and I am currently shedding a tear writing that. I feel like it was just yesterday I was holding her in my arms as a tiny little baby. With her brother here anytime now I want to make sure I make this birthday special for her. I also want to make it simple but meaningful. What I don't want to do is stay up hours upon hours constructing decorations and memorabilia with a newborn in my arms. Yep, not happening... I wish I was more crafty, but to be honest I think sometimes scouring Pinterest for hours can do more harm then good, because when it comes down to it I think doing what you love is best. Here are some of things that I plan on doing to make Scarlett's 2nd birthday sweet, memorable, and most of all simple.

1. Cupcakes from my favorite local cupcake spot. 

2. Balloons-I'm thinking at least one big 2 and lots of light pink or mint ones around the house

3. Custom pillows and invitations from Tiny Prints

4. Scarlett's favorite book for birthday guests to sign (a little tradition we started last year)

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  1. So much fun!! We had the gold two balloon at my daughters second birtthday!!


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