He's here...

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Talk about a blogger break! No perfect time to have my first post be right before the New Year! It's been nearly 2 months since we added are other little love to our family. Tripton was born October 24 and has been a pure joy ever since we brought him home. He loves to sleep and eat and stare intently at each of our faces. He is the perfect addition to our family. Oh and miss Scarlett is doing better then I could ever have imagined, she is constantly on Binky patrol and loves giving her brother kisses!

I have contemplated about sharing our birth story on here, but for now I think I'm going to keep it to myself. I had an amazing delivery, but Tripton decided to throw us for a loop with his blood sugars a day after he was born. He is 100% healthy, but we are still battling at keeping his blood sugars at a safe level with medication. It certainly isn't ideal and you never think or want anything even if its the slightest thing to be wrong with your baby. We continue to pray that it's transient and he will be off the medicine soon. For now here are some pictures of our little stud muffin with his silly sister of course.

This picture is of Trip on the left and Scarlett on the right around the same age. I think they look a lot a like!

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