Potty Training

Saturday, January 3, 2015

I'm knocking on wood as I type out this post, because I'm pretty sure we have a little girl that is almost fully potty trained! I'm thrilled beyond belief to get rid of diapers. Not to mention it is not cheap getting diapers for 2 children. I think we really lucked out with Scarlett. She showed interest as soon as we introduced the potty and I don't think that's the case with a lot of kids especially boys, so I'm sure it will be the complete opposite when we are ready to potty train Trip. Here's some of my tips and stuff we bought to get the whole process started. By the way I still have the challenge of getting her to go on the big potty, but I'm hoping that will happen soon.

1. I recommend buying both types of pottys ( a stand alone potty and a ring to fit on your toilet)- You never know which one they will be into. Scarlett was really into the BabyBjorn one over the ring.
2. Do not buy a potty with all the bells and whistles: You will hate yourself for doing so, because they suck to clean! This one was so awesome, because you can easily dump it and spray it down.
3. I used the 3 day potty training method: I had watched a youtube video of a mom talking about potty training several months ago and she said she used this and it worked. So, that's what we tried first and guess what it worked. If you want watch the video I watched, you can do it here. Also, this youtube channel is awesome! The moms are so hilarious!
4. I didn't try any of the rewards like candy or stickers: I just didn't think we needed all of that. She was perfectly happy with of cheering for her! So don't think you need to buy all of the books, candy, and sticker charts. 
4. Don't stress: There are so many right ways to do this and I think every kid is totally different! So don't let anyone pressure you in potty training your kiddo if you aren't ready to do so yet.

I would love to know how potty training worked for you all! 

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