A lot of changes..

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Having a second child has made time fly even faster then normal... I can't say I'm a fan of the time flying by so fast, I assume most aren't. We have been doing so many new things that I'm writing this little blog post to just keep up with them. Up first is the selling of our home which we brought our little babies home too. It was very hard to come to the decision, a decision we had been debating for a year now, but we finally decided February was the month to do it. We were quickly growing out of our little humble abode and needed something just a tad bigger. Once our house hit the market it sold in 12 hours, we were so excited, but totally didn't expect that. With no where to go and hardly any houses on the market we decided to live in a apartment until we found something that we LOVED. Well God truly works in ways I'll never understand, because they day we were moving we also found the house that we will call our forever home. So, here I am sitting in our teeny tiny apartment dreaming of filling our new home with memories and thinking about all the memories we made at our old house too. Now it's just a waiting game until we close...The apartment has been pretty amazing though (dare I say like a vacation) we have been able to use the gym, let kids run up and down the halls, and take full advantage of the parks nearby. All in all this will be a fun little adventure to look back on.

With moving aside, I can't finish this post without talking about my growing babies! Gosh! Trip was just born and he is already 5 months! How in the heck did that happen? Oh and don't even get me started on Scarlett, she has really become a little girl...Talking and having a opinion on everyTHING! Love their sweet little hearts so much!

I've realized in these past few months that kids are super resilient, husbands are pretty dang special, I will never be without a dog (ours have been staying with our parents), and your home truly truly is where your family is at.

Weekend Recap

We had such a fun weekend playing outdoors! We started Friday with having my mom and over for salmon and yummy sides. One of our favorite meals, not to mention Scarlett and Trip love salmon. Saturday we dropped Trip off at my mother in laws and headed to the West bottoms for some antique shopping. We left feeling disappointed, they usually have the best stuff, but it just was a lot of junk. On the bright side, we had so much fun hanging with our girl, Scarlett. We even took her to lunch. Sunday was super windy, so we did what anyone else would do and bought a kite. A frozen kite to be exact. We had fun playing outside with neighbors and just relaxing in our favorite place.

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