Weekend Happenings

Monday, April 25, 2016

This weather is AHmazing! If it could just stay like this year round and maybe just snow one time on Christmas, I would be one happy camper. We enjoyed are weekend outdoors of course. Trip and Scarlett love love to be outside. With all of our toys pulled out to the driveway, we kind of look like those neighbors, if you know what I mean. Luckily we live in a cup-de-sac and all of our neighbors are wonderful. Friday we picked up dinner and ate on our freshly stained deck. On Saturday, the kids started swim lessons. Scarlett was a little scared, because we waited to long to get her comfortable in the water, but Trip loved every second of the swim lesson. After swim lessons we killed some time at the Farmers Market and even got to play at the nearby park. Sunday we went to church and lunch. We are trying so hard to get better about going to church. It always feels so good to go and I swear every time we go we always can relate to the message. Here's some pictures of the weekend.


  1. Look how big Trip looks! Do you have to get in with him for the swim lessons? I need to get both of my kids signed up...but I really don't want to get in the water. Is that bad?!?! ha! Glad you're back at blogging!! :)

    1. Yes, one of us has to get in with him. We go on Saturdays so I usually make my husband do it. Scarlett is in the same class as trip, so I got in with her this past week too!


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