About Me

Hi Friends!

My name is Ashley. I am a Kindergarten Teacher turned stay at home mom and this is my blog where I share little tid-bits of our life! Thanks for stopping by!

Quick Facts:

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Season: Fall

Most used beauty product: chap stick

Vacation spot: Florida

Shop: Target & Nordstrom

Favorite Show: Trueblood

Favorite Food: Italian

Location: Kansas City

College: Texas Christian University

Animals: 2 dogs


  1. Shut up!! The hubs and I are from KC and my brother went to TCU. Crazy! Anyway, just had to say hi and congrats on Baby #2! I'm due this summer with baby #2 as well!

    1. Wow! How crazy! Do you live in KC???

    2. Hey lady! Had to come over here to respond to you as you're set up as a 'no-reply commenter'. Just google how to fix that and people will be able to respond to your posts by replying right through email! :) Anyway... nope, we live in Cleveland Ohio but still have tons of family/friends there! LOVE that city!


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